East Midlands Epilepsy Interest Group

Tuesday 5.45-8pm, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham
Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals with an interest in adult and childhood epilepsies are welcome to attend. 


Feb 26th             Child Health Lecture Theatre (e1713), E floor East Block, QMC, Nottingham


    Attention! Seizures! ADHD and epileptic seizures, causes, treatments and challenges.

    Dr.Jane Williams. Consultant, Community Paediatrician.

    Clinical Audit of Emergency Treatment of prolonged seizures in Children attending the ED.

    Dr William Whitehouse, Paediatric Neurologist and Medical Student Emily Joslin

May 14th             Child Health Lecture Theatre (e1713), E floor East Block, QMC, Nottingham

Sept 24th            Child Health Lecture Theatre (e1713), E floor East Block, QMC, Nottingham

Dec 3rd               Child Health Lecture Theatre (e1713), E floor East Block, QMC, Nottingham


Drinks and food will be available.

The specialist nurses for epilepsy can be contacted on:

0115 9249924 ex 63328 (Catie Picton) or 0115 8542248 (Lisa Flinton)  

Or just turn up – we look forward to seeing you!


7th February, 2012

VNS- Clinical, practical and real life experience. Steph Bolton, Cyberonics and Catie Picton. Associate Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.

Is it Status Epilepticus? Dr T. Sabbubeh. Consultant Neurophysiologist.

15th May, 1012

ADAPT study. Adolescent and Parent toolkits: Self management for emotions and epilepsies. Ann Brown. Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.

Are we getting it right for pregnant women with epilepsy? Angie Jones. Adult Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

18th September, 2012

‘Are we on the right path?’ - Children’s Care Pathways. Colin Dunkley. Paediatric Consultant.

 Learning Disability ‘Are we getting it right?’ Epilepsy Nurse Specialist-LD. Lisa Flinton.

4th December, 2012


8th February

An update on AED’s. Adam Henderson. Pharmacist.
SUDEP.  Dr Manish Prasad. SPR Neurology.
5th April

NEAD - management issues. Stephanie Howlett, Specialist Psychotherapist;  Rebecca Mayor, Research Psychologist.
12th July
Epilepsies with SCN1A mutations .  Dr William Whitehouse, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist. 
The Role of the ESN in the Community Neurology Service.  Marie Hooper, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse.
1st November

Introduction to diagnostic imaging techniques used for epilepsy, with a focus on how MRI works.  Paul Morgan. Head of Non-ionising Imaging Physics, Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering
A Web-based survey of impact and experience of young people with epilepsy.  Dr Vanessa Rippon, SPR.

2nd February, 2010
Epilepsy – quality and equality. Dr. Colin Dunkley. Consultant Paediatrician.
Brain development and anti-epileptic drugs. Dr. Michael O’Donoghue. Adult Neurologist.
13th April, 2010
The Nottingham experience and Audit of the Ketogenic Diet. Dr. Saleel Chadrantre. SpR Neurology. Jane Davison. Dietician 
A Review of Clinical Activity. Kirsten Johnson. The Roald Dahl Sapphire Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.
13th July, 2010
An update on AED’s. Adam Henderson. Pharmacist.
Seizure alert dog training programme. Rita Howson. Director of Operations.
23rd November, 2010
Non epileptic attack disorder. Dr. Sumeet Singal. Adult Neurologist.
VNS Overview and Troubleshooting, EO6 Study Update. James Milner / Ken Campbell. Cyberonics.

20th January
AED levels, use and abuse. Dr William Whitehouse.
Epilepsy 12. Audit of paediatric epilepsy services in Trent. Dr Katherine Martin.
21st April
EEG, an idiot’s guide, Rachel Hutchings.
Alcohol and seizures. Why do they happen and what do they do. Dr Steve Ryder.
14th July
Genetics and Epilepsies. Dr William Whitehouse.
Benzodiazepines for acute seizure management – pharmacokinetic considerations. Dr Mark Anderson
24th November
Learning disability and epilepsy. ‘A Psychiatric View’. Dr Richard Welfare. Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disability
Audit of suspected mental health difficulties in a paediatric epilepsy clinic. Ann Brown and Catie Picton. Children’s Epilepsy Nurse Specialists  

22nd January
Epilepsy and other surprises! Some paediatric case histories.  Dr Colin Dunkley. Paediatric Consultant.
Animal models of Valproate associated neurodevelopmental delay.  Dr Mike O’Donoghue. Consultant Neurologist.
15th April
Assessing needs to plan care.  Julian Mallinson Specialist Trainee in Public Health. Adult Epilepsy services:
Paediatric Leviteracetam Trial.  Rachael Wheway. Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.
1st July
AED levels in children presenting in Status in A&E at QMC.  Dr Anil More. Specialist Registrar in Paediatric Neurology,
Generic prescribing and AED levels. Dr William Whitehouse. Consultant Paediatric Neurologist.  
4th November
Epilepsy 12. Regional audit of children’s epilepsy services in Trent. Dr Colin Dunkley. Consultant Paediatrician, King’s Mill.
Practical approaches for psychological support within a diagnosis of epilepsy.Ann Brown. Paediatric Epilepsy Specialist Nurse